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Preparing your Home for Selling this Spring

Preparing your home for selling

When it comes to showing you property you want to show it at its best. Often potential buyers cannot see past clutter and repairs, even if you consider them to be small. Its Spring, so time to roll up the sleeves and get the Spring cleaning done, investing a bit of hard work and some old fashioned elbow grease can reap benefits when it comes to preparing your home for selling.


Assess any of those DIY jobs that might have been getting put off for another day. Guess what ? that other day is here, get them done. Offering potential buyers the peace of mind they are buying a home ready to move into rather than a project is key, even several small jobs can be assessed by a buyer to be a project property. Freshly paint with neutral colours when getting your home ready for sale is the best advice, help create a blank canvas.


It is time to get cleaning. A really deep clean, including all windows, check to see if the carpets  need cleaned or even replaced, if the need replacing in will be an investment worth making. Shine up chrome in bathrooms and re-fresh sealant around sinks, showers and bathtubs if needed. Fresh is simply the best. If you are physically unable to do a deep clean on your home yourself it would be well worth considering hiring a company to do it, it really can pay dividends.

Tidy and declutter

We all love having everything we have collected over the years surround us in our homes but potential buyers need to see space, without having to imagine it. Time to pack away the majority of those personal photographs, books, collections and creating that space maximising the space you have. In the kitchen keep surfaces clear, put away all appliances that you don’t use on a daily basis, pack away all non essential items. Keep focused on the fact that this is not going to be your home for much longer – you are moving, so get started on the packing. If you lack inspiration, visit a local showhome and get inspired as how to best show your home.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal.  Potential buyers will form their first impressions of your property from the outside, and we all know that first impressions really count, it sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. People can make a decision about buying a house in a few minutes, so walking down that driveway needs to be a pleasant experience. It is Spring so ensure the garden is looking its best, a good tidy up after the winter, tidy driveways,  flower pots, a neat lawn, a well looked after house exterior can all combine to make that all important first impression memorable.

Finishing touches

After the hard work is done, a few finishing touches helps create an inviting environment. Concentrate on lighting making sure all your bulbs are working and clean. A darker area may benefit from a strategically placed lamp. A couple of new cushions. A few simple design led ornaments again strategically placed.You do not have to spend a lot of money, have a look at what you already have and make the best of those items.  A mirror hung in a different area can completely change the look of a room. How does your home smell?  Overpowering smells can sometimes be interpreted that something else is being masked, so keep any fragrances subtle, light and fresh is best.

It is a competitive market and your home needs to make the best impression possible.

Moving home is not complicated but it can be daunting, your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Buying and selling property is a  people oriented business and good communication is essential for a successful move. Our knowledgeable sales team are available for help and advice.